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It's important that our Warren County communities are presented facts and perspectives that challenge exaggeration, misconception and calculated fear.


The Missouri Democratic party encourages writing letters to local papers as a means to provide that balanced voice.


Scroll down to see specifics on how to provide your neighbors with a progressive view by writing a letter to the editor.



Below is a letter that appeared in a recent edition of the Warren County Record written by Laura Adams, countering pronouncements made in a letter published the previous week.


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Get Your Facts Straight


Last week, a letter published here denigrated the president’s leadership. That opinion ignores the facts.


When President Obama took office, economies around the globe had been devastated by the 2008 financial collapse, unemployment was rapidly rising, the US was fighting two unbudgeted wars, and health care costs were skyrocketing.


Obama didn’t cause any of those things. As commander in chief, he became responsible for steering the country through them.


The Obama Administration’s strategies may be debated, but the results are clear: over the past six years, our economy has experienced a steady recovery.


When our economy faltered in 2008, the Dow Jones Average plummeted from 10,000 to 7,000 – crippling investment-dependent entities like pension funds. The DOW today is at 18,000.


Unemployment rates peaked in 2010 at a little over 10%. Today, unemployment hovers around 6%. The economic upheaval, brought about by the lax financial regulation and oversight of previous administrations, has reached a degree of equilibrium and things are trending in the right direction – more jobs, resulting in higher revenues and a shrinking deficit.


Past presidents struggled to address dangerously escalating health care costs. President Obama is the first to forge a nation-wide policy in the form of the Affordable Care Act. Over 11 million Americans have become insured because of it. Rising costs have already slowed. Surely this is a good beginning to solving this intractable problem.


The US has had 59 continuous months of private sector job growth.


To say that President Obama has been ineffective or led the country in the wrong direction ignores the facts.


Laura Adams


Write A Letter Become A Local Voice For Progress


A letter to the editor is a brief letter to a newspaper, with the broad intention of giving a voice to readers. To this day, “Letter to the Editor” sections remain amongst the most popular of newspaper content.


As Democrats, we can utilize opportunities like these to inform our friends and family about the issues here in Missouri that impact them MOST. We can call on neighbors, community leaders, and politicians to take action. And we can hold our elected officials accountable.




Your letter should be sent to your local newspaper or publication.


Identify an appropriate publication to send the letter to, then find their rules and deadlines regarding letter submissions

(emailed, faxed, delivered by post, etc.).




People aren’t turning to local newspapers for coverage on national politics or electoral speculation anymore – instead, local newspapers are becoming more prized for their investment in educating the public on capitol issues.


This gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about what Missouri’s Democrats are fighting for, from expanding



Medicaid for the 300,000 hard working Missourians in need and fully funding our public schools, to reestablishing the integrity of our elections and ensuring equal protection for all Missourians




Your letter could be one of the rare times many of your local paper’s audience hears about the real priorities of GOP politicians in Jefferson City, and the real efforts for reform and accountability being put forward by Democrats.


Keep it short and concise. Many publications have a standard word count limit. Know the publication's rules before submitting your letter.  Be aware that the paper will likely attach its own title or headline to your letter.


If possible, make this a personal story. This letter is about your experience and the experiences of the community and readers will want to know how this issue really impacts people in addition to the hard facts.


Have a call to action in mind as a conclusion for your letter.


Avoid national political issues without an overtly local context. While decisions on federal issues surely impact all of us, people usually do not turn to print publications, especially local ones, for news and commentary on these subjects.


Avoid engaging in an overly-technical policy debate. Keep the letter focused on how this issue impacts you, someone you know, and/or your community.

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